St. Martin/St. Maarten – Visit Two Countries On One Island

I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful unique Caribbean island St. Martin/St. Maarten.   It is an island that offers a lot of variety to fulfill all your ambitions.   Please feel free to view some of the the pictures I took during my visit.  Also, watch the video with my tour guide, Mimi.  It’s always good to get the prospective from someone who lives on the island 🙂

St. Martin/St. Maarten

St. Martin/St. Maarten is a 37-square-mile, tropical island in the northeast Caribbean, unique in that it is shared by two different nations—the Netherlands and France. The island boasts the best dining and duty-free bargains in the Caribbean, as well as year- round temperatures in the 80s, spectacular beaches that encircle the island, and stellar options for recreation and entertainment.

St. Maarten – Dutch St. Maarten, on the southern side of the island, offers a lively atmosphere with an American feel, and fun that includes great beaches, fine dining, bars and nightclubs, and Vegas-style casinos. Nights are the time to experience true Caribbean limin’ (steppin’ out) on this little metropolitan island. Simpson Bay and the bustling capital of Philipsburg are where you’ll find St. Maarten’s dining and entertainment hubs. Philipsburg is also known for its long streets of quaint shops with terrific duty-free bargains.

St. Martin – On the north side of the island, French St. Martin exudes a chic European charm enhanced by sidewalk cafes, peaceful beaches, and an array of bistros and restaurants that cook up the most fabulous gourmet cuisine in the Caribbean. Certain nights at Marigot port and Marina Royale feature many local bands and avant-garde street entertainers. The Marina area is also a hotspot for several chic nightclubs. The capital of Marigot is slower paced than , but the duty-free shopping here and elsewhere is excellent, with French-inspired arcades offering a wide selection of European goods.


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